How did The Gateshead Kolel, the first and foremost kolel in Europe come to being?

It was 1941, in the midst of World War 2, as the Nazi war machine continued to spit fire and fury across Europe, and most people’s primary focus was on mere survival, one man had other concerns.

Rabbi Eliyohu Eliezer Dessler felt that then, amid all the carnage, was the time to invest in the long-term future of English Jewry….. and so, despite the derision of many, The Gateshead Kolel was born, the first Kolel of it’s kind to grace U.K. shores. The rest, as they say, is history. Decades later, Rabbi Dessler’s ingenious foresight has so deeply affected the very fabric of British torah society.

From eight decades of some of the world’s premier Dayonim, Rabonnim, Magidei Shiur, and Mechanchim, to the many similar Kolelim that have ב''ה since opened their doors nationwide, Gateshead Kolel’s influence has been, and continues to be, universally felt. Today, the Kolel boasts a membership of forty Talmidei Chachomim, Yerei Shomayim, who, even in these unprecedented and uncertain times, continue to immerse themselves in their learning, and are currently learning מסכת חולין in depth. Since its inception, the Kolel budget has relied on the system set up by Rabbi Dessler, whereby each avreich spends 1-2 weeks in the year fundraising. Thanks to your generosity, this has enabled and continues to enable tens of future kelei kodesh to realise their potential.


Thanking you in advance for your generosity, on behalf of all the Avreichei Hakolel and their families.


וכל העוזרים והמסייעים יבורכו מפי עליון בכל הברכות והישועות. זכות התורה תגן בעדכם. ונגע לא יקרב באהליכם. ויניח ברכה אל בתיכם אכי''ר

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